Decide and Conquer - Summary and Key Ideas

"Decide & Conquer" is a book by David Siegel that provides insights into his leadership journey and decision-making process, particularly during his tenure as CEO of Meetup. The book serves as a guide for making tough decisions, maintaining morals, and harnessing the power of community in both personal and professional settings.

The target audience for the book "Decide and Conquer" appears to be individuals in leadership roles or those aspiring to be leaders, such as CEOs, startup founders, or anyone interested in making smart decisions in their personal or professional lives.

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Decide and Conquer

Key ideas


Meetup, established in 2002 to facilitate local community connections, survived challenges following its acquisition by WeWork, due to its CEO's decisive leadership.


Early experiences, world travel, post-college experiences, and personal goals can shape an individual's leadership approach and decision-making framework.

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The essence of the advice is to carefully evaluate and negotiate job offers, considering cultural fit and personal needs, to ensure long-term success.

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Effective leadership transition requires diligent preparation, establishing trust, managing finances, and fostering a collaborative strategy to steer the company towards profitability.

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The new CEO of Meetup transformed the struggling company into a successful business by making bold changes in strategy, culture, and operations within his first 90 days.

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The essence of leadership is defined by bold, honest responses to unexpected situations, seizing opportunities, and balancing personal and company interests.

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David's leadership of Meetup involved overcoming challenges, learning from rejections, and prioritizing integrity and shared goals to secure a suitable investor.

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The COVID-19 pandemic threatened Meetup's acquisition, but CEO Scott's unwavering leadership and integrity eventually secured a deal with a trusted investor.

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Staying true to their mission and making a bold pivot, the leader navigated challenges and prepared their company for significant growth in facilitating human connections.

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Summary & Review

"Decide and Conquer" by David Siegel is a compelling guide to making critical decisions in leadership roles. The book is a reflection of Siegel's journey as a CEO, particularly at Meetup, and the tough decisions he had to make under challenging circumstances. The book emphasizes the power of community and the importance of making values-based decisions. It provides a guide to making tough decisions while maintaining your morals. Siegel's leadership journey is expansive across industries and at some of the most iconic companies. The book is a brutally honest and often humorous romp through the key forks in his career and his reflections on decisions gone right and very wrong.

David Siegel

David Siegel is a prominent American businessman and philanthropist, best known as the founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts Ltd., one of the largest resort developers in the world. He is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in the areas of education and drug prevention.

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