Continuous Discovery Habits - Summary and Key Ideas

Continuous Discovery Habits provides a structured and sustainable approach to product discovery, teaching teams how to continuously engage with customers, conduct small research activities, and pursue desired business outcomes. It offers practical habits to help teams understand customer needs, generate creative solutions, test assumptions, and measure impact, ultimately leading to better product decisions and increased chances of success.

The target group for "Continuous Discovery Habits" are product teams and individuals in product roles who are seeking to improve their product discovery process and create more value for their customers and businesses.

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Continuous Discovery Habits

Key ideas


Continuous discovery habits, such as customer interviews, experiments, and co-creation, are key to creating innovative, customer-centric products that drive business value.


Continuous discovery habits, such as customer interviews, experiments, and co-creation, are key to creating innovative, customer-centric products that drive business value.

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Supercharged ideation is a cyclical process of individual creativity and team collaboration, pushing for quantity to ultimately achieve quality in problem-solving.

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Dot-voting is a group evaluation method that ensures focus on the most promising ideas that directly address the target opportunity.

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Uncovering hidden assumptions can prevent potential blind spots and mitigate risks, leading to more effective solutions.

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Visualizing the customer journey is a dynamic process that provides deep insights into customer experiences, enabling the creation of improved products and services.

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Shifting from an output-focused to an outcome-focused perspective is essential for a successful product trio.

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Summary & Review

Continuous Discovery Habits by Teresa Torres provides a structured and sustainable approach to product discovery. It emphasizes the importance of continuous customer engagement, team collaboration, and outcome-oriented thinking. The book offers practical habits and techniques to help product teams make informed decisions, create customer value, and drive business outcomes.

Teresa Torres

Teresa Torres is an internationally recognized authority on product discovery and continuous learning. She's a coach, speaker, and consultant, who helps organizations apply insights from cognitive science and human psychology to improve their product decisions.

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