Unbroken - Summary and Key Ideas

"Unbroken" is a deeply personal account by Angela Sterritt that explores the violence against Indigenous women and girls, drawing from her own experiences of trauma, homelessness, and survival. The book also highlights the resilience, hope, and love within the Indigenous community, and Sterritt's journey as a journalist advocating for Indigenous stories and voices in mainstream media.

The target audience for the book "Unbroken" is likely individuals interested in social justice, Indigenous rights, and personal narratives of survival and resilience.

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Key ideas


Colonization displaced indigenous women from leadership roles, leading to a pervasive fear among Indigenous women.

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The Gitxsan people's history is marked by a struggle to preserve traditions amidst the generational impacts of colonization.

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The unsolved murder of Ramona Wilson, a 16-year-old Gitxsan girl, highlights the ongoing issue of violence against Indigenous women and the societal neglect they often face.

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The exploitation of resources and neglect of Indigenous communities in Vancouver led to a cycle of poverty, violence, and disappearances.

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Levina Moody's unsolved murder in 1969 exemplifies the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women, underscored by pervasive racism and inadequate investigations.

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The unresolved murders and disappearances of Indigenous women along Canada's Highway of Tears highlight a disparity in the priority given to cases involving Indigenous victims.

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Canada's colonial history is intrinsically linked to the ongoing crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women, a situation recently acknowledged as genocide in a national inquiry.

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Indigenous women in Winnipeg formed Drag the Red to search for missing family members, highlighting overlooked cases and advocating for policy changes.

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Summary & Review

"Unbroken" by Angela Sterritt is a powerful and deeply personal exploration of the violence and trauma experienced by Indigenous women and girls. Sterritt, an Indigenous woman herself, shares her own experiences of trauma and survival, while also giving voice to the stories of other Indigenous women and girls who have been victims of violence. The book is a testament to the resilience and strength of Indigenous women, and a call to action for justice and healing. It also sheds light on the systemic issues and historical injustices that contribute to the violence against Indigenous women and girls.

Angela Sterritt

Angela Sterritt is a Canadian journalist and artist of Gitxsan descent. She is known for her work with the CBC, where she covers Indigenous issues across Canada.

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