Ufo of God - Summary and Key Ideas

"UFO of God" is a personal account of Chris Bledsoe's encounters with unexplained phenomena, including UFO sightings and interactions with otherworldly beings. The book explores the spiritual and divine aspects of these experiences, challenging conventional interpretations of UFOs and suggesting a connection with human consciousness and the divine.

The target group of the book "UFO of God" appears to be individuals interested in the intersection of spirituality, religion, and unexplained phenomena such as UFOs, as well as those seeking to understand personal experiences with these phenomena.

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Ufo of God

Key ideas


Chris Bledsoe's UFO encounters captivate skeptics and scientists alike, hinting at a connection between human consciousness and otherworldly phenomena.

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A fishing trip turns otherworldly: Chris and Junior Bledsoe's encounter with glowing orbs and red-eyed creatures marks a life-altering plunge into the paranormal.

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Seeking credibility, Chris Bledsoe's TV show appearance backfires, replacing hope for healing with exploitation and deepening family wounds.

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Navigating the paranormal and the personal, Chris Bledsoe finds unexpected guidance amid life's challenges and losses.

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NASA scientists unexpectedly validate Chris's years-long encounters with mysterious orbs and invite him to ground-breaking experiments.

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Chris Bledsoe's transformative journey proves that with an open heart and mind, contact with the unexplained isn't just possible, it's life-altering.

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Summary & Review

"UFO of God" is a riveting account of Chris Bledsoe's extraordinary experiences with unexplained phenomena, including UFO sightings, encounters with otherworldly beings, and profound spiritual revelations. The narrative explores the profound impact of these experiences on Chris's life, transforming him from a skeptic to a believer in the divine and the supernatural. The book delves into the complexities of these phenomena, challenging conventional scientific understanding and offering a fresh perspective on the interplay between human consciousness and the unknown. It also highlights the importance of humility, openness, and spiritual connection in experiencing and understanding these phenomena.

Chris Bledsoe

Chris Bledsoe is a prominent figure in the field of UFO research and extraterrestrial encounters. He gained fame after his alleged close encounter in 2007, which has been the subject of numerous investigations and documentaries.

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