The War of Art - Summary and Key Ideas

The book The War of Art (2002) is about the enemy of creativity: Resistance. Steven Pressfield explains how Resistance prevents us from pursuing our dreams and gives us practical tips on how to overcome it and unleash our full potential.

This book is a perfect read for individuals, that struggle with procrastination, self-doubt, and inner resistance when trying to pursue creative endeavors, as well as anyone who wants to understand the mindset of a professional artist or entrepreneur. The War of Art targets people who seek to overcome their inner obstacles and take action towards their goals.

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The War of Art

Key ideas


Resistance is the enemy of creativity and productivity

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Fear is a common form of Resistance that holds us back

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We need to turn pro and treat our work like a job

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The professional mindset requires discipline and patience

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Inspiration comes from within and requires action to manifest

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Selfdoubt and selfcriticism are forms of Resistance

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We must overcome Resistance to achieve our goals and live a fulfilling life

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The creative process is a battle that must be fought every day

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Finding our calling requires facing our fears and doing the work

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The creative journey is a lifelong pursuit that requires persistence

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Summary & Review

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a must-read for anyone who wants to overcome their creative blocks and achieve their goals. In this book, Pressfield identifies the enemy of creativity as Resistance, a force that exists within us and seeks to prevent us from fulfilling our potential. He offers practical advice on how to overcome Resistance and live a more fulfilling and creative life.

Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield is an American author, screenwriter, and former U.S. Marine. He is known for his works on the creative process and the struggles of artists to overcome resistance. Pressfield's work has been described as inspiring and motivating, urging readers to take action and pursue their dreams despite obstacles. He has been a mentor to many aspiring writers and his insights on writing and creativity have helped countless individuals to achieve success in their own creative endeavors.

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