Strategic Diplomacy - Summary and Key Ideas

"Strategische Diplomatie" explores the concept of diplomacy in a changing global landscape, emphasizing the need for a strategic approach to navigate complex international relations and power shifts. It advocates for long-term, sustainable solutions based on historical developments and situations, rather than short-term crisis management.

This book is aimed at professional politicians and diplomats as well as everyone who watches world politics with attention and often with concern.

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Strategic Diplomacy

Key ideas


Strategic diplomacy seeks long-term, sustainable solutions by aligning interests and power in a certain relationship, taking into account historical developments and situations to connect theory and practice.

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The "America First" policy of the Trump administration, could reduce the political influence of the USA on the global stage, despite its military strength.

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China's rise as a global power presents a dual challenge to European diplomacy and requires a rethink in order to effectively navigate the changing global power relations.

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The role of Islam in Middle East diplomacy and the religious tensions between Sunnis and Shiites pose a challenge to the modernization and stability of the region.

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The need for united European diplomacy is crucial in the face of global power shifts and the politics of the USA and China

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The challenges of globalization require a realignment of diplomacy that is strategic, analytical, and capable of dealing with both regional and global issues.

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Summary & Review

In an era marked by dramatic global power shifts and the increasing complexities of globalization, the European Union (EU) is facing a compelling need to realign its diplomatic strategies. This involves the development of a strategic, analytical approach that is capable of managing both regional and global issues, while considering historical developments and aligning national interests and power dynamics for long-term, sustainable solutions. The EU should also prepare to navigate the assertive policies of global powers like the USA and China, as well as regional complexities such as those presented by religious tensions in the Middle East.

Hans-Dieter Heumann

Hans-Dieter Heumann is a German historian and professor for modern and contemporary history at the University of Bonn. His main research focuses are the history of the 19th and 20th centuries, in particular German and international contemporary history.

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