Reality Transurfing - Summary and Key Ideas

Reality Transurfing is a book that introduces a powerful technique called Transurfing, which aims to give individuals the power to control their own destiny and create aspects of their life that would ordinarily seem impossible. It presents the idea that reality can be managed and life can change under one's control, using the concept of the "alternatives space" which stores all possible events.

The target audience for the book "Reality Transurfing" is likely individuals interested in personal development, self-help techniques, and esoteric teachings, particularly those who are open to exploring unconventional methods for managing their reality and shaping their own destiny.

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Reality Transurfing

Key ideas


Our choices and thoughts shape our reality by determining the scenarios we experience in the ever-changing kaleidoscope of life.


Energy-based structures called pendulums, come into existence when groups of people share the same thought patterns.

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Life is an ocean of possibilities where your thoughts and energy determine whether you ride waves of good fortune or misfortune, shaping your destiny.

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Maintaining a balanced perspective and minimizing the projection of importance can lead to personal freedom, fulfillment of desires, and financial prosperity.

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Individuals shape their reality through their emotions and reactions, with negativity leading to less desirable life paths, hence it's crucial to consciously disengage from negative information.

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Embracing simplicity, releasing control, and aligning with life's flow allows individuals to tap into an unseen field of information.

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Intention, both in dreams and reality, is a powerful tool that shapes our experiences and realities, requiring a balance between inner and outer intention and the synchronization of heart and mind.

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Personal beliefs can distort reality, but through visualization and belief in attainability, individuals can transform their perceptions into physical reality.

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Harnessing the power of the heart and mind, celebrating individuality, and using focused, positive affirmations can overcome societal limitations and manifest the desired life.

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Happiness and success are rooted in pursuing personal goals and desires, not external influences, with faith in oneself and a focus on the present.

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Energy flow in the body, crucial for intention and action, can be optimized through stress reduction, energy exercises, and focusing on health rather than illness.

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Successful relationships and personal fulfillment are achieved by understanding and assisting in the fulfillment of others' intentions, affirming their self-worth, admitting personal mistakes, and aligning outer intentions with the right opportunities.

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Summary & Review

"Reality Transurfing" by Vadim Zeland and Joanna Dobson is a powerful guide to managing one's reality. The book introduces the concept of Transurfing, a technique that allows individuals to control their own destiny and shape their reality in ways that may seem impossible. The book emphasizes the importance of intention, awareness, and the ability to let go of inner and outer importance. It also introduces various strategies and techniques such as the target slide, visualising the process, energy channels, the frame, the explosion wave, outer sphere, scenery reduction, target amalgam, focusing intention and integration.

Vadim Zeland

Vadim Zeland is a contemporary Russian author known for his work in quantum physics and metaphysics.

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