How To Be Weird - Summary and Key Ideas

In 'How To Be Weird', Eric G. Wilson guides his readers on a journey to embrace and develop their uniqueness. The book is filled with practical exercises that encourage individuals to break free from conformity and discover their peculiarities. It's a celebration of weirdness and a call to challenge homogenization.

This book targets individuals who are tired of conforming to societal norms and are interested in embracing their weirdness. It's for those seeking a life lived authentically, with novelty, and a fitting resource for creatives, nonconformists, and anyone looking to foster an original perspective on life.

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How To Be Weird

Key ideas


Embracing weirdness fosters originality and challenges the status quo.


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Encourage Moments of Yūgen

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Astonish Your Words

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Go Sinister

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Assemble a Shadow Box

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Arrange a Wunderkammer

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Forge a New Identity

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Pursue Astral Pareidolia

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Summary & Review

Eric G. Wilson

Eric G. Wilson is an author known for his unique style and perspective. He frequently explores themes of individuality, eccentricity, and the strange. He resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and brings an unusual yet engaging voice to the literary world.

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