Originals - Summary and Key Ideas

Originals explores how individuals can nurture and champion new ideas, debunking common myths about creativity and success, and providing insights on how to foster originality in personal and professional life.

The target group of "Originals" includes individuals seeking to enhance their creativity and originality, as well as leaders aiming to foster diverse thinking and innovation within their teams and organizations.

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Key ideas


Fostering originality requires a novel template infused with familiarity, increased idea generation, peer feedback, and balanced risk-taking.


Effectively championing original ideas requires balancing risks, acknowledging weaknesses, familiarizing concepts, engaging diverse audiences, and strategically overcoming resistance.

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Fostering originality thrives on diverse environments, questioning norms, embracing procrastination, and learning from role models.

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Building effective coalitions requires balancing idealism and pragmatism, focusing on shared tactics, and partnering with enemies for valuable insights.

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Summary & Review

Originals by Adam Grant explores how non-conformists and original thinkers can make a meaningful difference in the world. The book debunks myths about success, challenges long-held beliefs, and provides insights on how to foster creativity and change. Through various studies and stories, Grant offers practical guidance on nurturing originality, managing emotions, and creating a culture of innovation.

Adam Grant

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist and best-selling author. His research and writings aim to uncover how individuals can drive creativity and change within organizations.

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