My Money My Way - Summary and Key Ideas

"My Money My Way" provides a comprehensive guide to personal finance, focusing on understanding one's unique financial situation and goals, and creating a personalized budgeting system to achieve financial fulfillment. It emphasizes the importance of aligning financial decisions with personal values and priorities, rather than adhering to traditional, restrictive budgeting methods.

The target group of "My Money My Way" is primarily women who are seeking to gain control over their finances, reduce debt, and achieve financial stability and fulfillment.

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My Money My Way

Key ideas


Financial awareness, a continuous process of understanding and planning your income and expenses, is the cornerstone of effective budgeting and financial stability.


Financial stability and success hinge on setting and prioritizing short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals, each with its unique characteristics and significance.

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Tracking every expenditure, akin to keeping a food journal, can reveal spending patterns and empower you to take control of your financial habits.

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Creating budget categories is a balancing act between gaining clarity on spending habits and avoiding overwhelming complexity, to enable informed financial decisions.

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Understanding our lifestyle and spending patterns allows us to budget for unexpected expenses, ensuring financial stability.

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Defining your unique, emotionally-charged purpose is the key to guiding your financial decisions and achieving your goals.

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A dynamic life requires a flexible budget that adjusts to personal lifestyle and unexpected changes.

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Summary & Review

Kumiko Love's "My Money My Way" is a guide to personal finance that emphasizes the importance of emotional health and personal values in financial decision-making. Love argues that traditional budgeting methods often fail because they focus too much on numbers and not enough on the individual's unique situation and desires. She proposes a different approach to money management, one that is rooted in self-awareness, emotional health, and personal fulfillment.

Kumiko Love

Kumiko Love, also known as "The Budget Mom", is a renowned financial expert and accredited financial counselor. She is known for her practical advice on budgeting, saving money, and eliminating debt, which she shares through her blog and social media platforms.

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