Kitab Al-Iman - Summary and Key Ideas

"Kitab Al-Iman" is a religious text written by Abū Bakr ‘Abdullāh ibn Muhammad ibn Abī Shaybah Al-Kūfī, which discusses the concept of faith (Iman) in Islam. The book includes narrations and teachings from the Prophet Muhammad and other Islamic leaders, focusing on the nature of faith, its importance, and its role in guiding moral and ethical behavior.

The target audience for the book Kitab Al-Iman is likely individuals who follow the Islamic faith and are interested in deepening their understanding of the concept of faith (Iman) within the religion, as well as scholars and researchers in Islamic studies.

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Kitab Al-Iman

Key ideas


The Life and Contributions of Abū Bakr ‘Abdullāh ibn Muhammad ibn Abī Shaybah Al-Kūfī, a Renowned Islamic Scholar, and His Significant Work 'Kitāb Al-Īmā

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Understanding Faith in Islam: A Holistic Approach Combining Internal Beliefs, External Actions, and Ethical Practices in Everyday Life

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The Paramount Role of Prayer in Islam: A Fundamental Pillar of Faith, a Means of Safeguarding Virtuous Actions, and a Central Point of Reckoning in the Afterlife

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Faith as a Multifaceted Concept: Beyond Belief to Ethical Conduct, Virtuous Character, and Tangible Actions Reflecting Moral Rectitude

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The Dynamic Nature of Faith in Islam: An Exploration of How Belief in Allah Evolves in Response to Human Actions, Divine Will, and Life's Trials and Tribulations

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The Role of Community in Strengthening Individual and Collective Faith: Insights from Islamic Practices and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad

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Aligning Personal Emotions and Beliefs with Divine Will in Islamic Faith: The Concept of Loving and Hating for the Sake of Allah as a Path to Stronger Faith and Clearer Direction

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The Integral Role of Purity in Faith: A Symbol for Spiritual Integrity and its Influence on the Legitimacy of Worship, the Restoration of Divine Relationships, and the Realization of Closeness with Allah

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The Multifaceted Concept of Faith in Islam: An Exploration of its Influence on Worship, Law, Social Interactions, and Ethical Conduct in a Devout Muslim's Lifestyle

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Summary & Review

The book "Kitab Al-Iman" by Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaybah is a comprehensive exploration of the concept of faith, Iman, in Islam. The author presents a collection of narrations and hadiths that discuss the nature of faith, its components, and its importance in a Muslim's life. The book emphasizes that faith is not static but fluctuates, increasing and decreasing based on one's actions and deeds. The author concludes the book with the statement that faith is in speech and deeds, and it increases and decreases.

Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaybah

Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaybah was a prominent Islamic scholar and hadith compiler of the 9th century. He was known for his deep knowledge in Islamic jurisprudence and was highly respected among his peers.

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