It's OK That You're Not OK - Summary and Key Ideas

"It's OK That You're Not OK" is about redefining our understanding of grief as a natural response to loss, rather than a problem to be solved. It provides guidance on how to navigate grief with compassion and understanding, and how to support others in their grief.

The target group of this book are individuals who are dealing with grief and loss, as well as their friends and family members who want to support them better.

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It's OK That You're Not OK

Key ideas


Creative expression, particularly writing, can serve as a therapeutic outlet for grief, aiding in the healing process.


Self-care in grief is about making conscious choices to reduce suffering and promote healing, thereby easing the journey through grief.

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Grief can disrupt cognitive functions, leading to temporary changes in memory, attention, and comprehension, as the brain adapts to a new reality.

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Navigating grief requires a community of empathy, a culture of kindness, and the courage to educate others about the personal journey of loss.

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Understanding and managing grief involves differentiating between the inevitable pain of loss and the mitigable burden of suffering.

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Summary & Review

Megan Devine's "It's OK That You're Not OK" is a compassionate guide to dealing with grief and loss. The book challenges the societal norms that often stigmatize grief and instead encourages readers to see their grief as a natural response to loss. Devine emphasizes that grief is not a problem to be solved, but an experience to be tended. She provides practical advice on how to navigate through the pain of loss, and how to support others who are grieving. The book also explores the physical and mental effects of grief, and offers strategies for managing these effects. Ultimately, Devine's book is a call for a more understanding and compassionate approach to grief and loss.

Megan Devine

Megan Devine is a psychotherapist, grief advocate, and speaker. She is known for her work in challenging conventional approaches to grief and loss, emphasizing the need for acknowledgment and validation of grief.


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