Introducing Fashion Theory - Summary and Key Ideas

"Introducing Fashion Theory" is a comprehensive guide that introduces students and future fashion professionals to the theories, concepts, frameworks, and ideas that underpin dress and fashion. It also explores the role of the fashion industry, consumer behavior, and the cultural and societal impacts of fashion.

The target group of the book are individuals who are students and future fashion professionals, as well as academics and industry professionals interested in understanding the theories, concepts, frameworks, and ideas that underpin dress and fashion.

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Introducing Fashion Theory

Key ideas


Fashion is an interdisciplinary system intertwining personal identity, societal trends, and various academic fields, shaping and reflecting the zeitgeist.

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Fashion is a global, dynamic language influenced by diverse factors, communicating through evolving codes and symbols, and its understanding is crucial for predicting trends and making informed decisions in the industry.

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Fashion is a dynamic, interconnected system of industries, influenced by technology and social media, that predicts, creates, and markets trends, often drawing inspiration from the past.

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Fashion is a dynamic tool for self-expression, influenced by body image and societal trends, that allows individuals to convey their identity and values.

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Fashion and dress, influenced by social factors like class, gender, politics, and personal taste, are complex social phenomena reflecting individual choices and societal influences.

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Fashion is a societal mirror, reflecting evolving cultural attitudes, ideals, and values.

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Fashion is a complex interplay shaped by innovators and guided by theories, balancing uniformity and individualism, and evolving towards technology-infused, customizable designs.

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Summary & Review

"Introducing Fashion Theory: From Androgyny to Zeitgeist" by Andrew Reilly is a comprehensive guide to understanding the complex world of fashion through various theoretical lenses. The book explores the role of fashion in society, its connection to identity, and its influence on cultural practices. It delves into the intricacies of the fashion system, including the role of gatekeepers, the emergence of new styles, and the importance of branding. The book also discusses the paradoxical nature of fashion and the consumer decision process.

Andrew Reilly

Andrew Reilly, PhD, is a Professor of Fashion Design and Merchandising at University of Hawai`i, Manoa.

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