Hooked - Summary and Key Ideas

Hooked provides insights into how successful products form user habits, drawing on the psychology behind our behaviors. Its author uses a four-phase process known as the 'Hook Model' to explain how companies can develop habits in their customers.

This book is aimed at entrepreneurs, innovators and anyone interested in the intersections of psychology, business, and technology. Ideal for those aiming to develop products that create positive habits and improve lives.

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Key ideas


The 'Hook Model' framework explains how companies manipulate technology to habitualize user behavior.

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Building habit-forming products can enhance business success, but requires ethical practices to prevent user addiction.

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Instagram's integration of internal and external triggers foster habitual usage, leveraging user emotions for product engagement.

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Utilizing triggers and core human motivators in product design fosters frictionless user actions and forms habitual use.

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Understanding and leveraging variable rewards of the tribe, the hunt, and the self can drive habit formation and sustain user engagement in products.

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Investments, leveraging user psychology, are pivotal in forming habits and enhancing user engagement in products.

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The Hook Model aims at habit-forming product design, yet its ethical implications mandate creators' introspection on their influence and the real value their product offers.

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The Bible app's success showcases the power of user psychology and behavioral data insights in creating habit-forming products.

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Applying the Hook Model and Habit Testing refines a product's user-engagement and uncovers opportunities for habit-forming technology, inspired by self-observation and communal behavior analysis.

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Summary & Review

"Hooked" presents a practical understanding of how habit-forming products are created, leveraging concepts of human psychology and consumer behavior. The book introduces the 'Hook Model' for creating compelling products which comprises of four phases: 'Trigger', 'Action', 'Variable Reward', and 'Investment'. 'Triggers' initiate users to act. 'Action' is the simplest behavior in anticipation of a reward. 'Variable Rewards' effectively motivate re-engagement and 'Investment' prompts the user to commit for long-term returns. It is important for product makers to ensure they create positive habits and not harmful addictions.

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal is an author focusing on the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. He has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. Besides teaching and writing, Eyal has also applied his research on habit-forming technologies into real-world application with various startups and companies.

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