Give Everything - Summary and Key Ideas

In 'Alles geben', Neven Subotić questions and analyzes the concept of justice, reflecting on his life and career to explore how an individual can contribute towards creating a more equitable world. The book provides a critique of the football industry whilst also being a personal narrative of Subotić's journey back to Germany, his success in the Bundesliga, and the subsequent questioning of materialistic success, which led him to devote his life to his foundation and the fight for global justice.

This book is intended for readers who are interested in personal development, social justice, and societal critique. It is a journey of self-reflection and societal analysis that prompts the reader to question their own actions and societal norms. Football enthusiasts would also find interest in the behind-the-scenes experience of a professional player.

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Give Everything

Key ideas


His football career conflicted with his ambition to address global inequality.


Fleeing conflict and embracing empathetic justice shaped Neven Subotic's journey and worldview.

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Neven Subotic learned overcoming adversity, ambition, and resilience through migrations and football.

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Rapid professional football success revealed wealth's inability to provide personal fulfillment.

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Jürgen Klopp, as a coach and mentor, instilled respect and self-belief in me.

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Football's allure lies in community and fairness, overshadowed by business interests.

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True engagement requires understanding others' struggles, not just occasional donations.

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A successful footballer turns humanitarian, finding fulfillment through global water crisis activism.

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Subotic admires Ethiopians' selflessness and dedication towards communal upliftment amidst adversity.

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Partnership, not patronage, is vital for global fairness and honoring Africa's resilience.

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Clean water access, a basic right, enhances dignity, health, and fosters thriving communities.

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Subotic parallels his childhood war experiences with current conflicts in Ethiopia, focusing on humanitarian efforts.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: "Alles geben" is a thoughtful narrative by Neven Subotic, a renowned football player, who expresses his belief in a just world and the role that everyone can play in realizing it. The book tells the story of his journey from professional football to philanthropy, giving insight into the motivations that led Subotic to make the dramatic change. Throughout the book, Subotic repeatedly emphasizes the importance of not only being sympathetic to the injustices of the world, but also taking action against them. The book serves as a call to arms, encouraging each reader to make use of their resources - money, time, thoughts - to improve societal conditions. Subotic also underlines that being "all in" is not about achieving perfection but about the will to continuously improve oneself and the world around them, knowing that the fight for justice has no finish line.

Neven Subotić

Neven Subotić, born in 1988, is a former professional football player, notably for Borussia Dortmund, 1. FC Köln and Union Berlin. Since 2012, he has been working for his foundation, through which he strives to contribute to a more righteous world. Every year, he travels to Ethiopia to visit the projects facilitated by his foundation.

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