Emotion by Design - Summary and Key Ideas

Emotion by Design is about the power of creating strong emotional bonds between a brand and its consumers through creative storytelling and experiences. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the audience and using creativity, not just large resources, to inspire and move them.

The target group for "Emotion by Design" includes business leaders, marketing and creative professionals, and teams of all sizes who are interested in building strong emotional bonds with their consumers through creative storytelling and branding.

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Emotion by Design

Key ideas


From fine art to Nike: how Greg Hoffman's unexpected internship sparked a career in sports marketing.


When a team is curious and works well together, creativity blooms.

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If you want to innovate, you have to be bold, take chances, and move away from what's comfortable and predictable.

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Putting on your brand's "game face": consistency and attention to detail make greatness more than skin deep.

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Dare to be unforgettable: Make your brand's story human, inspiring, and built to last.

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Become a cultural icon by focusing on authenticity, not just chasing trends and what is considered cool.

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Ignite a movement, not just sales: Empower people, build community, and focus on the big picture.

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Nike bridges the gap between ideals and reality by tackling societal issues through empathetic storytelling and inclusive action.

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Build brands that touch hearts, not just eyes, for an enduring legacy.

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Summary & Review

Emotion by Design by Greg Hoffman is a guide to building powerful emotional bonds with consumers through creative marketing and branding. Hoffman shares his experiences and insights from his time at Nike, where he helped lead some of the most famous campaigns in history. He emphasizes the importance of understanding consumers and creating stories, images, and experiences that make them feel their dreams are achievable. The book also highlights the need for a balance between art and science in marketing, and the role of empathy, insight, and creative collaboration in innovation.

Greg Hoffman

I'm sorry, but there seems to be multiple individuals named Greg Hoffman, including professionals in various fields such as marketing, film production, and athletics. Could you please provide more specific information about which Greg Hoffman you're referring to?

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