Clockwork, Revised and Expanded - Summary and Key Ideas

Clockwork, Revised and Expanded is about designing and implementing systems to streamline a business, improve efficiency, and achieve growth while giving business owners more freedom and time.

The target group of Clockwork, Revised and Expanded is small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and achieve business growth.

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Clockwork, Revised and Expanded

Key ideas


The Queen Bee Role (QBR) is the vital core activity that drives a company's success and fulfillment of its big promise.


Optimizing team integration around the Queen Bee Role boosts organizational success and efficiency.

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Time tracking reveals inefficiencies and opportunities, optimizing productivity and fostering organizational growth.

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Elevate team performance and job satisfaction with the Trash, Transfer, Trim, or Treasure method for task optimization.

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Achieving organizational success hinges on balancing teams by aligning individuals' unique strengths with the right roles and tasks.

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Unleash continuous improvement by identifying and addressing bottlenecks in organizational processes.

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A four-week vacation tests a business's efficiency, self-sustainability, and trust in its team.

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Summary & Review

Clockwork, Revised and Expanded by Mike Michalowicz is a guide for business owners to create efficient, self-sustaining businesses that allow them to reclaim their time and freedom. The book presents a three-phase system called Clockwork, which focuses on aligning the business, integrating efficient processes, and accelerating growth.

Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz is an American entrepreneur, speaker, and business mentor. With a passion for small business growth, he has founded multiple successful companies and shares his expertise through lectures, podcasts, and as a guest on various media outlets.

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