A World on the Wing - Summary and Key Ideas

A World on the Wing explores the fascinating state of migration research and conservation, delving into the global odyssey of migratory birds and the scientists working to understand and protect them.

The target group of "A World on the Wing" includes bird enthusiasts, conservationists, and those interested in the scientific study of migratory birds and their global journeys.

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A World on the Wing

Key ideas


Migratory birds' extraordinary journeys reveal the importance of conservation efforts in protecting their resilience and adaptability amidst global challenges.

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Big data and technology unveil hidden bird migration patterns, informing conservation efforts and research.

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Full-life-cycle biology revolutionizes bird conservation by uncovering hidden threats and enabling targeted protection efforts.

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Human-induced habitat destruction, hunting, and climate change threaten migratory birds, necessitating urgent conservation efforts.

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International collaboration is vital for migratory bird conservation, transcending borders and continents to ensure species survival.

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Summary & Review

A World on the Wing by Scott Weidensaul explores the fascinating world of migratory birds, delving into the latest scientific research and conservation efforts surrounding these incredible creatures. The author shares his personal experiences and insights from working with birds, as well as the stories of other experts in the field. The book highlights the challenges migratory birds face in a rapidly changing world and emphasizes the importance of understanding and protecting these species.

Scott Weidensaul

Scott Weidensaul is an American naturalist, ornithologist, and Pulitzer Prize finalist known for his extensive research on bird migration. He co-founded Project SNOWstorm and Project Owlnet, which focus on the conservation and understanding of snowy owls and northern saw-whet owls, respectively.

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