When Women Sexually Abuse Men - Summary and Key Ideas

This volume uncovers the shocking and true accounts of adult women stalking, sexually assaulting, sexually harassing, and even raping adult men. It discusses a wide range of crimes and behaviors, including sexual assaults, aggressive and unwanted sexual advances, sexual harassment, and stalking by women against men.

This book aims to educate those interested in understanding the other side of sexual crimes, typically less discussed in society, wherein adult men are the victims. It serves as an excellent source for criminologists, gender studies researchers, policy makers, and general readers seeking enlightenment on this matter.

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When Women Sexually Abuse Men

Key ideas


The book aims to shift perceptions on women's sexual abuse of men.

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Redefinitions of rape attest to underreported sexual violence against men by women.

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The revised definition of rape broadens the scope, prioritizing consent over force.

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Male sexual assault victims face unique challenges, societal stigmas, and insufficient resources.

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Sexual coercion in college relationships requires urgent research and education for prevention.

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Stalking, regardless of perpetrator's gender, inflicts profound psychological harm and disrupts victims' lives.

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Gender bias persists in addressing sexual harassment cases.

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"Sexual harassment in the workplace, evolving beyond female victims, increasingly involves male victims too."

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Workplace sexual harassment is a gender-neutral issue requiring open dialogue and fair policies.

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Unfair treatment and false allegations necessitate a gender-balanced justice system.

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NYU's inclusive language on male rape challenges gendered assumptions and promotes awareness.

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Male sexual abuse victims by women face social stigma and need higher recognition and support.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: "When Women Sexually Abuse Men: The Hidden Side of Rape, Stalking, Harassment, and Sexual Assault" by Philip W. Cook and Tammy L. Hodo is a pioneering work highlighting the frequently ignored issue of female-on-male sexual abuse. The book dives deep into real-life accounts of adult men experiencing sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and rape perpetrated by adult women. It shatters the societal misconception that men cannot be victims of such offenses, and emphasizes that forced or unwanted sexual behavior towards men by women are in fact, increasing. The book explores some harsh realities such as how victims, and their close circle cope with the trauma, the societal and media response, and several public policy issues.

Philip W. Cook, Tammy L. Hodo

Philip W. Cook is a former daily journalist who was a news director at radio stations in Portland, Oregon, and San Antonio, Texas. He also served as the director of television news or assistant director of news at television stations in Reno, Nevada, and Kennewick, Washington. Tammy Hodo is a respected criminologist who has given adjunctive assistance to this volume addressing the abuse of men by women.

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