Think Bigger - Summary and Key Ideas

"Think Bigger" is a book by Michael W. Sonnenfeldt that provides insights and strategies from successful entrepreneurs, focusing on the importance of setting ambitious goals and constantly seeking ways to improve and expand one's business. It also explores the unique challenges and opportunities that come with significant success.

The target audience for the book "Think Bigger" is likely to be entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as individuals interested in business strategies and success in business. The book provides insights and strategies from successful entrepreneurs, making it a valuable resource for those in or entering the business world.

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Think Bigger

Key ideas


Entrepreneurs, driven by unique qualities and experiences, are the backbone of the economy, and their success lies in humility, mentorship, and acknowledging limitations.


Entrepreneurship, though challenging, can be a rewarding journey for individuals with the right mindset, supportive environment, and resilience to turn disadvantages into motivation.

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Entrepreneurial success hinges on building a diverse, skilled team, understanding each member's strengths and weaknesses, and fostering a collaborative environment.

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Successful entrepreneurs manage risk through meticulous analysis, strategic focus, trusted advice, and transforming uncertainty into opportunity.

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Successful entrepreneurs identify opportunities, maintain a frugal lifestyle, learn from failures, build strong teams, communicate openly, and are driven by passion and purpose, not just wealth.

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Successful entrepreneurs must transition from wealth creation to wealth preservation by becoming financially literate, diversifying investments, managing risk, and living frugally.

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Entrepreneurs are increasingly leveraging business strategies to address societal issues, aiming for a double bottom line of profit and social impact, a trend known as social entrepreneurship.

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Supporting entrepreneurs, who are genetically predisposed to risk-taking and innovation, is crucial for America's economic growth and national security.

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Summary & Review

"Think Bigger" by Michael W. Sonnenfeldt is a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs, providing insights and strategies for success. The author, a successful entrepreneur himself, shares his experiences and lessons learned from his journey. The book is filled with practical advice, inspiring stories, and valuable lessons that can help entrepreneurs navigate their path to success.

Michael W. Sonnenfeldt

Michael W. Sonnenfeldt is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of TIGER 21, a peer-to-peer learning network for high-net-worth first-generation wealth creators.

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