The Tao of Love and Sex - Summary and Key Ideas

The Tao of Love and Sex is a book that explores the ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy of love and sex, emphasizing the importance of sexual harmony, controlled ejaculation, and female satisfaction in achieving overall well-being and longevity. It provides practical advice and techniques for enhancing sexual prowess and maintaining a fulfilling sexual relationship.

The target group of this book "The Tao of Love and Sex" appears to be adults interested in understanding and improving their sexual and romantic relationships through the principles of ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy.

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The Tao of Love and Sex

Key ideas


Taoism views sexuality as a path to physical health and spiritual enlightenment, offering practical techniques for intimacy and promoting balance between masculine and feminine forces.

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The Taoist philosophy, Tao of Loving, promotes the regulation of male ejaculation, multiple orgasms, and female satisfaction to enhance intimacy, health, and longevity.

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The Tao of Loving, an ancient Chinese philosophy, promotes sexual liberation through controlled ejaculation, exploration of pleasure beyond ejaculation, and prioritizing female satisfaction, linking mental well-being with sexual harmony.

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Balancing Yin and Yang energies through ejaculation control can enhance lovemaking, leading to more satisfying experiences and overall health benefits.

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Ancient Chinese Taoist scholars, such as Li T'ung Hsuan and Sun S'su-Mo, studied and promoted varied and prolonged sexual techniques, emphasizing the importance of friction, rhythm, and moderation for sexual satisfaction and longevity.

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Variety and creativity in sexual positions, guided by open communication and experimentation, can enhance and invigorate a couple's love life.

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Passionate kissing is highly valued in Chinese culture as an intimate and crucial part of lovemaking, often associated with balancing yin and yang energies.

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The Tao of Loving, an ancient Chinese philosophy emphasizing mutual satisfaction in intimacy, lost its essence over time, shifting towards male pleasure, but modern sex research suggests its principles could restore relationship satisfaction.

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Temporary impotence is a manageable issue that can be overcome by relaxation, focusing on your partner's pleasure, and using techniques like soft entry, with penis size being less important than skill and connection.

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Ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy linked longevity with healthy sexual practices, including controlled ejaculation, suggesting that regular sexual activity, when practiced correctly, benefits overall health and vitality.

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May-September relationships, despite societal biases, can offer unique advantages and promote good self-care, but require understanding and balance to preserve vitality.

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Ancient Taoist masters emphasized the importance of love, food, and exercise, including proper diaphragmatic breathing and Tai Chi, for health and longevity.

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Summary & Review

"The Tao of Love and Sex" by Jolan Chang is a comprehensive guide to understanding and practicing the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism in the context of love and sex. The book emphasizes the importance of sexual harmony, the role of women, and the significance of ejaculation control. It also highlights the importance of understanding and practicing the Tao of Loving, which involves the acceptance of different concepts from Western ones. The book provides a detailed explanation of the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang, the importance of female satisfaction, and the significance of male orgasm. It also provides practical advice on how to achieve sexual harmony and satisfaction, and how to prolong a man's life through the practice of the Tao of Loving.

Jolan Chang

Jolan Chang was a Chinese-Canadian author who was known for his teachings on Taoist philosophy and sexual practices. He spent much of his life studying and promoting the benefits of Taoist principles, particularly in relation to health and longevity.

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