The Magic of Thinking Big - Summary and Key Ideas

The Magic of Thinking Big, written by David J Schwartz, is a self-help book that provides practical and empowering strategies to help readers change their lives for the better by thinking big. It emphasizes the power of positive thinking and setting high standards, and offers tools and techniques to defeat negative thoughts and harness creative power.

The target group of the book are individuals who are seeking personal growth and success, and are willing to change their mindset and thinking patterns to achieve their goals.

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The Magic of Thinking Big

Key ideas


Success is the product of hard work, positive thinking, and perseverance, not luck or excuses.


Building confidence is a process of nurturing positivity, overcoming fear, treating others as equals, and demonstrating self-assurance through everyday actions to effectively navigate life's challenges.

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Thinking big, characterized by optimism, focus on larger goals, and faith in one's potential, fosters confidence and success by opening up new possibilities.

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Cultivating creative thinking involves adopting a possibility mindset, challenging norms, seeking constant improvement, engaging in diverse conversations, and documenting ideas for practical solutions.

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Positive self-perception and attitude towards work are key to success, while negative mindset traps individuals in mediocrity.

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Our mental environment, shaped by our surroundings and relationships, significantly influences our mindset and potential for success.

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Fostering attitudes of passion, appreciation, and service-first can catalyze personal and professional success while positively influencing others.

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Success hinges on cultivating positive relationships, appreciating others' uniqueness, maintaining a proactive and optimistic mindset, and handling defeat with grace.

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Success is rooted in the action habit, turning ideas into reality through initiative, confronting obstacles, and immediate action, rather than waiting for perfect conditions or inspiration.

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Learning from setbacks, maintaining a positive attitude, and experimenting with new approaches can transform defeat into victory across all walks of life.

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Success is a journey of envisioning a clear future, setting and pursuing goals with persistence, overcoming obstacles, and investing in personal growth.

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Effective leadership requires empathy, kindness, a commitment to improvement, and regular self-reflection.

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Summary & Review

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz is a self-help book that emphasizes the power of positive thinking and its impact on success. The book argues that the size of one's thinking determines the size of one's achievements, and that by thinking big, one can live big in terms of happiness, accomplishment, income, friends, and respect. The book provides practical tools and techniques to harness the power of thinking big, overcome negative thoughts, and build self-confidence.

David J Schwartz

David J. Schwartz was an American motivational writer and coach, known for his work in the field of personal development. He was a professor at Georgia State University and also served as president of Creative Educational Services, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development.

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