The Big Five for Life - Summary and Key Ideas

"The Big Five for Life" is a motivational book by John P. Strelecky that explores the concept of defining and pursuing five major life goals, encouraging readers to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

The target group for the book "The Big Five for Life" is likely individuals seeking personal development and inspiration, particularly those interested in finding purpose and direction in their life.

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The Big Five for Life

Key ideas


People are like museums, filled with undiscovered exhibits waiting to be explored.

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Business success is tied to creating an environment where people can align their personal purpose with the company's for mutual benefit.

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Even small increases in productivity and retention rates can have a huge impact in large companies.

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The "Big Five for Life" concept encourages individuals to identify and pursue their top five life experiences.

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Exceptional leaders nurture their people to help them reach their full potential, steering clear of destructive competition.

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Fostering close relationships with customers increases profitability as acquiring new customers often comes at a higher costs.

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Effective leaders are involved in the "business of life", not just the business of making money.

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Delivering what is promised at the cost of turning clients away sets outstanding businesses apart.

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Summary & Review

"The Big Five for Life" by John Strelecky is a motivational book that encourages readers to identify their five most important goals in life and pursue them relentlessly. The book uses the story of a successful businessman, Thomas Derale, and his protege, Joe, to illustrate the concept of the Big Five for Life. Derale's philosophy is that everyone has five things they want to "see, do, or experience" before they die, and these should guide their life and work. The book emphasizes the importance of passion, purpose, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

John Strelecky

John Strelecky is an American inspirational public speaker and self-development author. He is known for his work on life purpose, and his concepts have been utilized by organizations in over sixty countries.

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