Still Hopeful - Summary and Key Ideas

Still Hopeful is about maintaining hope and positivity in the face of global crises and challenges, drawing from the author's experiences as an activist and offering advice on how to keep hope alive.

The target group of "Still Hopeful" includes activists, individuals seeking inspiration and guidance in social and environmental justice work, and those looking for ways to maintain hope in challenging times.

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Still Hopeful

Key ideas


Challenging corporate rule and economic globalization is vital for dismantling systems perpetuating inequality and injustice.


Building movements and alliances unites diverse groups for lasting change, fostering hope and commitment through shared goals and adaptable strategies.

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Hope fuels activism, empowering individuals to overcome despair and embrace transformation despite uncertain outcomes.

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Climate justice tackles interconnected social and environmental issues, addressing economic inequality, migration, and climate change to create equitable and sustainable solutions.

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Grief and resilience fuel activism, transforming setbacks into lasting impact through solidarity, self-care, and support networks.

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Summary & Review

Still Hopeful by Maude Barlow is a reflection on the author's lifetime of activism and the lessons she has learned about the role of hope in her work. Barlow shares her experiences and insights on how to keep hope alive, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. The book offers advice on building movements, staying committed, and finding joy in the struggle to make a better world.

Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow is a Canadian activist and former Senior Advisor on Water to the United Nations. She is known for her work on environmental and social justice issues, particularly focusing on water rights and conservation.


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