Speed Reading - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "Speed Reading" is about techniques and strategies to increase reading speed without compromising comprehension and retention. It provides practical exercises and tips to improve reading efficiency and productivity.

The target group for the book "Speed Reading" is likely individuals who are looking to improve their reading speed and comprehension, such as students, professionals, and avid readers.

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Speed Reading

Key ideas


Through regular practice and breaking old habits, we can significantly improve our reading speed and comprehension.


Defining a clear purpose before reading enhances cognitive function, saves time, and maximizes the value extracted from the material.

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Previewing is a crucial step in reading that provides a blueprint for understanding, aiding our brain's predictive nature and enhancing comprehension speed.

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Adapting your reading speed and style to the nature of the material enhances comprehension and retention.

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Speed reading, achieved through techniques like space reading and chunking, trains your eyes to absorb groups of words at once, akin to switching from a narrow stream to a wide river of information.

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Chunking, the practice of grouping words into meaningful phrases, can significantly enhance reading speed by enabling the absorption of several words at once.

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Subvocalization, the habit of pronouncing words in our heads while reading, can be overcome to significantly increase reading speed and efficiency.

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Minimizing fixation and controlling eye movements can significantly enhance reading speed and comprehension, making reading more enjoyable and productive.

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Regression, the habit of rereading text, can slow reading speed and disrupt comprehension, but can be combated with focus, controlled eye movements, and resisting the urge to backtrack.

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Expanding your peripheral vision is a key technique for speed reading, allowing you to process more information at a glance.

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True reading requires understanding the broader meaning and writer's intention, not just skimming through the words.

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Topic sentences serve as roadmaps for paragraphs, guiding the reader's understanding of the writer's overarching point.

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Summary & Review

"Speed Reading" by Kam Knight is a comprehensive guide that provides practical strategies and techniques to enhance one's reading speed and comprehension. The book emphasizes the importance of efficient reading in today's information-driven society and offers a step-by-step approach to mastering speed reading. It also highlights the role of focus, concentration, and memory in improving reading skills.

Kam Knight

Kam Knight is a renowned expert in the field of mental performance such as memory, concentration, and productivity. He is known for his innovative strategies and techniques that help individuals improve their cognitive abilities and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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