Don't Put That in There! - Summary and Key Ideas

Don't Put That in There! is a thorough debunking of 70 popular sexual myths, backed by careful research and scientific data. From questions about penis size to common misconceptions about fertility and sexual practices, this book provides clear answers based on evidence and medical literature.

The book is targeted towards adults and adolescents who want to expand their understanding of sexuality beyond common assumptions and myths. It is suitable for anyone interested in sex education and exploring sexual health based on scientific facts and findings.

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Don't Put That in There!

Key ideas


Debunking sex myths using scientific facts boosts sexual health literacy and insights.

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Male sexual concerns rarely impact satisfaction; intimacy, confidence, and technique are key.

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Intimacy necessitates understanding a woman's unique preferences, promoting consent, and fostering emotional connections.

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Sexuality myths are often driven by cultural associations rather than scientific facts.

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Understanding conception and debunking contraception myths are vital for effective fertility management.

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Sexually transmitted infections primarily spread through intimate contact, not by environmental surfaces.

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Summary & Review

The book "Don't Put That In There!: And 69 Other Sex Myths Debunked" written by Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman is an informative and entertaining guide that debunks a variety of myths about sex. The authors offer evidence-based answers to many deeply ingrained beliefs about sex, sexual health, and sexual behavior. It provides readers with accurate, scientifically backed-up information on all queries about sex, making it clear that some practices may be harmful while others are just misunderstood.

Aaron E. Carroll, Rachel C. Vreeman

Aaron is a renowned health services researcher with expertise in understanding health research and translating it for the general public. He is also a pediatrician, helping adolescents understand the science of health and sexuality. Despite his diverse interests, he has found himself debunking sexual myths with evidence-backed research. Rachel is a reputed health services researcher and pediatrician, just like her co-author Aaron. She is adept in academic research and dispelling health-related myths using rigorous scientific investigations. She has dedicated her professional life to teaching adolescents about sexuality and promoting a responsible understanding of the human body and health.

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