Open Her - Summary and Key Ideas

"Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love and Desire" by Karen Brody is a guide for men to understand and evoke deep emotional and sexual connection with their partners. The book explores seven masculine archetypes and provides practical insights and exercises to help men enhance their relationships and sexual intimacy.

The target audience for the book "Open Her" appears to be men who are seeking to improve their understanding of women, their relationships, and their own masculinity. The book seems to be particularly aimed at those who want to enhance their love life and sexual relationships.

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Open Her

Key ideas


The Artist Archetype Represents a Man's Ability to Appreciate and Value Feminine Allure on Multiple Levels

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An Unwavering Love Helps a Woman Embrace Her Authentic Self

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The Director Archetype: A Symbol of Masculine Leadership and Guidance in Relationships

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The Transformation of Patrick: From Accountant to Warrior for Animal Rights and the Importance of the Warrior Archetype in Men

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Brian's Wisdom and Integrity: A Model of Selfless Love and Trustworthiness

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Exploring the Dark Knight Archetype: Embracing Danger and Death to Attract Women and Live a Fuller Life

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Mastering Sexual Energy: A Man's Journey from Exploitation to Respect and Control

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Embracing Seven Roles of Masculinity Enhances Self-Empowerment and Positively Influences Relationships with Women

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: "Open Her" by Karen Brody is a guide for men to understand and activate seven masculine powers to deepen their relationships with women. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding one's own masculine power and using it to magnify attraction, desire, and love. It provides practical insights and tools to help men navigate the complex terrain of emotional and sexual intimacy. The book is not a quick fix to get women into bed, but a guide to evoke a deep, ecstatic sexual union with a partner. It encourages men to embrace their masculinity and use it to enhance their relationships.

Karen Brody

Karen Brody is a renowned playwright and women's empowerment leader. She is best known for her work in promoting healthy birth practices and for founding BOLD, a global movement to make childbirth safer for women.

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