A Molecule Away From Madness - Summary and Key Ideas

A Molecule Away From Madness explores the impact of molecular villains, such as DNA mutants, rebellious proteins, and small molecules, on the human brain and how they can hijack its function, leading to various cognitive disorders and personality changes. The book shares stories of patients, scientists, and doctors working to uncover the secrets of these molecules and their potential for future treatments.

The target group of this book is likely individuals interested in neuroscience, molecular biology, and the impact of molecular interactions on cognitive functions and mental health.

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A Molecule Away From Madness

Key ideas


Unraveling molecular villains revolutionizes cognitive neurology, enabling targeted treatments and prevention strategies for brain disorders.

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Advancements in molecular science and precision medicine revolutionize cognitive disorder treatment by targeting specific genetic mutations, offering hope for a future free from their devastating impact.

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Toxic antibodies turning against the brain reveal the complex interplay between the immune system and cognitive disorders, opening new avenues for targeted therapies and recovery.

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Molecular research revolutionizes cognitive neurology, enabling targeted treatments and improved quality of life for those with cognitive disorders.

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Molecular-targeted therapies revolutionize cognitive neurology, paving the way for personalized treatments and improved quality of life.

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Summary & Review

A Molecule Away From Madness by Sara Manning Peskin explores the impact of molecular villains on the human brain, focusing on DNA mutants, rebellious proteins, and small molecules that can hijack brain function. The book presents stories of patients whose lives have been upended by these molecular culprits and the scientists and doctors who work to uncover their secrets. By examining these molecules, we can better understand how to treat Alzheimer's disease and other common brain diseases in the future.

Sara Manning Peskin

Sara Manning Peskin is a neurologist, writer, and speaker with a passion for science communication. She holds an MD from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Molecular Biology from Princeton University, and her work has been featured in various publications, including The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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