The Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship - Summary and Key Ideas

The Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship is a guide for potential entrepreneurs that focuses on the often overlooked aspects of starting a business, such as personal problems, disagreements with partners, and excessive expectations. It aims to provide a realistic view of entrepreneurship, highlighting the potential pitfalls and challenges, rather than just focusing on success stories.

The target group of the book are individuals interested in starting a business, regardless of their background and experience, including executives embarking on major business ventures and housewives planning to start small businesses.

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The Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship

Key ideas


"Fernando Trías de Bes' The Entrepreneur's Black Book provides a realistic view on entrepreneurship, emphasizing learning from failures and preparing for challenges to increase chances of success."


Successful entrepreneurship hinges on genuine passion and motivation, not merely the presence of a business idea or external pressures.

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Entrepreneurship is the thrill of embracing uncertainty and persisting in the creation process, driven by passion rather than profit.

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Entrepreneurial success hinges on perseverance and resilience in the face of unpredictable challenges.

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Overreliance on partners can hinder business progress; partnerships should be formed out of necessity, not fear or convenience.

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Choosing partners requires meticulous selection based on shared values, complementary skills, and aligned ambitions to prevent future conflicts and devaluation.

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Equitable partnerships require upfront agreements on division and valuation, reflecting the value of individual contributions.

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Successful partnerships hinge on trust, open communication, and adaptability to evolving circumstances.

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Success in entrepreneurship hinges not on the idea itself, but on its flexible development and market implementation.

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Venturing into unfamiliar industries without adequate knowledge or experience is a common business pitfall that can lead to failure.

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Entrepreneurial success hinges on wise industry selection, favoring growing sectors with high profitability and low competition over less appealing, stagnant ones.

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Business success hinges on careful planning, family support, and prioritizing business needs over personal ambitions.

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Summary & Review

The Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship by Fernando Trías De Bes is a guide for potential entrepreneurs, providing a realistic view of the challenges and pitfalls that come with starting a business. The author emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not just about having a great idea, but also about the ability to execute it effectively. He warns that enthusiasm, while necessary, can also blind an entrepreneur to potential problems. The book is structured as a boxing match, with each round representing a different challenge or aspect of entrepreneurship. The author believes that if a reader can make it through all the rounds and still wants to start a business, they are a true entrepreneur.

Fernando Trías De Bes

Fernando Trías de Bes is a Spanish economist and business consultant. He is also a professor at ESADE, where he teaches subjects related to marketing and innovation.

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