Peshawar Nights - Summary and Key Ideas

Peshawar Nights is a transcript of a series of religious debates that took place over ten nights between Sultanu'l-Wa’adhim Shirazi, a Shi'i scholar, and Sunni scholars in Peshawar, India (now Pakistan) in 1927. The discussions cover major topics relating to Shi'ism including the death of the Prophet, successorship, companions, infallibility, Muta' (temporary marriage), and the family of the Prophet.

The target audience for the book "Peshawar Nights" includes English-speaking Muslims seeking to understand the sources of their faith, students of political science and world history studying the influence of Islam in world affairs, and scholars in Near Eastern Studies and divinity schools studying ecumenical problems in the modern world.

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Peshawar Nights

Key ideas


"Peshawar Nights" is a book compiling dialogues between a Shi'i scholar and Sunni scholars in India, aiming to clarify the Shi'a perspective on early Islamic history and doctrine, and fostering mutual understanding


The rightful succession after Prophet Muhammad's death

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Interpretation of Quranic verses and hadiths

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Actions and legitimacy of the early caliphs

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Status, knowledge and rights of Ahlul Bayt (Prophet's family)

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Visiting shrines and intercession of Imams

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Sunni claims about founding of Shi'ism

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Temporary marriage (Mut'a)

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Eighth Session, Thursday night, 1 Sha'ban, 1345 A.H.

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Knowledge and wisdom of Ali vs companions

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Authority and knowledge of the Imams

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Summary & Review

"Peshawar Nights" by Sultan Al-Wa'izin Shirazi is a comprehensive account of a series of religious debates that took place over ten nights in Peshawar, India (now Pakistan) in 1927. The debates were between Sultanu'l-Wa’adhim Shirazi, a Shi'a scholar, and two Sunni scholars, Hafiz Muhammad Rashid and Sheikh Abdu's-Salam. The book is a compilation of these debates, which were recorded by four reporters and published in local newspapers. The discussions revolved around significant topics related to Shi'ism, including the death of the Prophet, successorship, companions, infallibility, Muta' (temporary marriage), and the family of the Prophet. The book serves as a detailed bibliographic reference to hundreds of Sunni treatises, acknowledging the claims of the Shi'ites.

Sultan Al-Wa'izin Shirazi

Sultan Al-Wa'izin Shirazi, also known as Pishva, was a prominent Iranian Twelver Shia Islamic scholar during the 20th century. He was known for his expertise in Islamic philosophy and mysticism, and was a key figure in the religious and cultural life of Iran.

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