Ma, Dont Go! - Summary and Key Ideas

"Ma, Don't Go!" is a biography that chronicles the struggles, triumphs, and survival of working mothers, particularly those in the medical field, as they navigate the challenges of balancing their professional responsibilities with their personal lives.

The target group of this book is primarily mothers, specifically those who are also doctors or healthcare professionals, navigating the challenges of balancing their professional responsibilities with their roles as parents.

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Ma, Dont Go!

Key ideas


Doctor mothers grapple with the delicate balance of professional duty and familial love, often leading to stress and burnout, yet resilience and positive coping mechanisms can offer a beacon of hope.

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Self-care and personal growth are not luxuries but necessities, especially for working mothers striving to balance professional and personal lives.

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The power of community and shared experiences can be a lifeline for doctor mothers, fostering resilience and easing the challenges of their dual roles.

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Choosing the right career path, especially in the medical field, requires a balance of personal and professional considerations, and a clear understanding of one's ethics and aspirations.

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Cultural expectations often challenge the balance between professional aspirations and personal values for women in medicine, particularly those who are mothers.

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Summary & Review

"Ma, Don't Go!" by Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya is a heartfelt exploration of the challenges and triumphs of being a doctor and a mother. The book provides a candid look at the struggles faced by women in the medical field, particularly those who are also mothers. It offers practical advice and insights on how to balance personal and professional responsibilities, maintain mental and emotional health, and navigate the complexities of modern motherhood. The book also includes inspiring stories from other doctor-moms around the world, providing a global perspective on the shared experiences of women in healthcare.

Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya

Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya is a renowned medical professional from India known for her expertise in Immuno-Hematology and Chief Editor of Times of Youth, an international youth magazine.

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