Goals! - Summary and Key Ideas

"Goals!" is a guide to setting, planning, and achieving personal and professional goals, providing strategies and techniques to move quickly from rags to riches. It emphasizes the importance of clarity, specificity, measurability, and writing down goals, and offers a system to help individuals achieve their goals faster.

The target group of "Goals!" are individuals seeking to improve their personal and professional lives through the effective setting and achieving of goals. This includes anyone from students to professionals who want to accomplish more in a shorter period.

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Key ideas


Writing down goals activates your subconscious mind, turning it into a relentless computer that attracts resources and people to help you achieve success.


A Major Definite Purpose, if believable and achievable, can significantly guide your actions and lead to substantial accomplishments.

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The Twelve-Step Goal Setting Process is a systematic and proven method to achieve personal and professional success by identifying obstacles, creating detailed plans, and regularly reviewing progress.

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Excelling in all key result areas of your work is crucial for success, as your weakest skill can limit your overall performance.

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Balanced, realistic goals that align with personal values are the cornerstone of inner happiness and fulfillment.

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Achieving financial independence and security requires setting clear financial goals, creating multiple income streams, building a nest egg, and aligning these goals with personal values, all while demonstrating discipline, patience, and perseverance.

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The practice of daily goal-setting and action planning can be more transformative and impactful than years of formal education.

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The power of belief can transform lives, and the concept of a "Belief Store" encourages us to consciously choose beliefs that foster personal growth and achievement.

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Persistence, the unwavering determination to overcome setbacks and maintain enthusiasm towards goals, is a critical factor for success and often the deciding factor in achieving extraordinary accomplishments.

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Summary & Review

Goals! by Brian Tracy is a comprehensive guide to setting and achieving goals. It provides a step-by-step process to identify what you want, create a plan to achieve it, and take consistent action towards it. The book emphasizes the importance of writing down your goals, reviewing them daily, and persisting until you succeed. It also highlights the power of positive thinking, visualization, and associating with the right people to accelerate your progress.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a renowned Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He specializes in training for leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness, and business strategy, helping millions of people achieve business and personal goals.

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