Do Anything Now - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "Do Anything Now" is a proposed school curriculum aimed at comprehensively educating students in diverse subjects including science, arts, humanities, ethics and nature.

The target group for the book "Do Anything Now" is likely individuals reflecting on their education, the school system and society.

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Do Anything Now

Key ideas


A new curriculum is needed for a broad, interdisciplinary education as a means to foster critical thinking and mitigate societal issues.

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The world in 2023 is a complex web of geopolitical rivalries, regional tensions, environmental challenges, and technological changes, demanding a multilateral approach for sustainable and peaceful progress.

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Balancing societal attitudes and behaviors, such as altruism or conservatism, with ethical approaches and education can foster shared prosperity, innovation, and harmony.

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Balancing societal systems and values can lead to just, sustainable, and inclusive societies that celebrate diversity and shared prosperity.

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Exploring various global initiatives, from integrating comprehensive curricula and collaborative education models to adopting sustainable agricultural practices reveals significant potential for innovation, sustainability, and societal progress.

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Summary & Review

"Do Anything Now" by ClĂ©ment Besneville advocates for a holistic, interdisciplinary school curriculum to develop critically-thinking, well-rounded individuals. Despite scientific truths, ignorance and lack of understanding of intellectual, behavioral, spiritual and mystic concepts have led to confusion, unfounded opinions, misinformation and worsening societal problems. Even though foundational scientific truths exist, disagreements persist. The author aims to present neutral, objective analysis and reflective questions to bridge divides, spark open debate and implement beneficial solutions. Dedicated to positive change, he expresses hope that broad education, instruction and resource access can shape an enlightened, ethical society by applying ancestors’ wisdom.

Clément Besneville

Clément Besneville is a French educational engineering professional dedicated to knowledge sharing and human innovation, seeking to contribute impactful solutions and ideas within the scientific community.

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