Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates" is a comprehensive guide that provides postgraduate students with practical strategies and techniques to critically analyze academic texts and effectively communicate their own research.

The target group for the book "Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates" is postgraduate students who are seeking to improve their critical reading and writing skills.

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Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates

Key ideas


Effective critical reading requires discerning selection of academic texts, understanding their different purposes, and assessing their quality.


Effective academic reading involves questioning, evaluating, and summarizing literature to build a foundation for your own evidence-based arguments.

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The "mental map" provides a structured method for critically analyzing academic literature, considering factors like claim certainty, knowledge type, and literature category.

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Conducting a thorough critical analysis of an academic text involves a set of 10 questions that examine the text's purpose, claims, evidence, and limitations, enhancing critical reading skills and paving the way for a comprehensive critical review.

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Writing a critical review of academic texts requires a structured approach, drawing from prior critical analyses to create insightful, comparative evaluations.

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Crafting a compelling dissertation involves weaving the critical literature reviews into your work.

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Structuring a dissertation involves using logic checksheets, outline structures, and linkage tracker tests to ensure a coherent argument that is well-supported by literature.

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Presenting a dissertation requires selective use of source material and new thinking to create focused, logical arguments tailored for different audiences and purposes.

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Summary & Review

"Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates" by Mike Wallace and Alison Wray is a comprehensive guide that provides postgraduate students with the necessary tools to critically engage with academic texts and produce their own. The book emphasizes the importance of critical thinking in academic writing and offers practical strategies for developing and improving these skills. It covers a wide range of topics, including understanding the nature of arguments, identifying biases, evaluating evidence, and constructing a coherent and persuasive argument.

Mike Wallace, Alison Wray

Mike Wallace is a Professor of Public Management, in the Management, Employment and Organisations Section. Alison Wray, on the other hand, is a British linguist and professor at Cardiff University, specializing in formulaic language and its role in linguistic evolution and mental health.

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