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What is is a mobile app, as well as an automated content processing machine in the background that explores what is possible with the combination of AI and books. 🤖📖
What's our mission? 

Ever felt amazing after reading a great book? 📚✨

That's the power of a good read:

🌟📖 The right book at the right time will change your life. 📖🌟

We're here for you to find those transformative books, give you a sneak peak into their wisdom to make sure you end up reading the right book. 🤖📖

How can you support us?

We dream of a service that's always free, fueling a smarter, more informed world. 📚🌍 But the reality is, keeping it free might not always be possible without your support.

Let's spread the wisdom of the books together! 📚🫶🏼


Fuel our journey with a regular support, so we can build a solid backbone for our operations.

Enrich the library and community by sponsoring a book.

Vote with your donation on planned features and influence our next steps.



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