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Whisper by Isabel Abedi Cover
Whisper by Isabel Abedi
Published at:
Juvenile Fiction
Arena Verlag GmbH

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## Whisper: A Haunting at Whisper House **An eerie silence hangs over the old Whisper House, oppressive and dangerous.** When Noa first steps inside, she is simultaneously gripped by fear and curious anticipation. No one else seems to feel it, this unseen force, this weight of secrets pressing down on the old building. But Noa knows - Whisper House hides something, something long concealed and waiting to be discovered. **Driven by an unexplainable pull towards the house and its mysteries, Noa finds herself drawn deeper into its clutches.** The silence is deceptive, punctuated by strange noises, fleeting shadows, and an atmosphere thick with unspoken history. As Noa digs deeper, she uncovers fragments of the past - whispers of a family torn apart, a love lost, and a tragedy that stains the very foundation of Whisper House. **But the house isn't ready to give up its secrets.** It pushes back against Noa's curiosity, testing her courage and resolve. The line between reality and the supernatural blurs as Noa's investigation intertwines with the house's haunting presence. Is she uncovering the truth, or is something more sinister at play, manipulating her every move? **With every step closer to the truth, Noa finds herself in growing danger.** She must confront not only the mysteries of the past but also the darkness that lingers in the present, a darkness that threatens to consume her entirely. **Whisper is a spine-tingling young adult novel that explores themes of family secrets, the enduring power of the past, and the courage it takes to face the unknown.** With its atmospheric setting, compelling characters, and heart-stopping suspense, Whisper will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page. **FAQs** **Q: What genre is Whisper?** **A:** Whisper is a young adult mystery novel with elements of suspense and the supernatural. **Q: Is this book part of a series?** **A:** While "Whisper" itself stands alone, author Isabel Abedi is known for writing series. It's possible this book could have sequels or companion novels exploring similar themes. **Q: Are there romantic elements in the story?** **A:** While the synopsis focuses on the mystery, young adult novels often include romantic subplots. It's likely that Noa might encounter a potential love interest amidst the intrigue of Whisper House. **Q: Is the book appropriate for younger readers?** **A:** Given the themes of mystery, suspense, and potential supernatural elements, "Whisper" is likely best suited for young adults and older readers who enjoy a touch of chills and suspense.

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