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Think Bigger by Sheena Iyengar Cover
Think Bigger by Sheena Iyengar
Published at:
Business & Economics
Columbia University Press

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## Think Bigger: How to Innovate - An Extended Synopsis In a world grappling with increasingly complex challenges, the demand for innovative solutions has never been higher. Yet, the process of generating groundbreaking ideas often feels shrouded in mystery, reserved for a select few "creative geniuses." In "Think Bigger," acclaimed author and choice expert Sheena Iyengar dismantles this myth, revealing that innovation is a skill anyone can cultivate. Drawing upon cutting-edge research in neuroscience and cognitive science, Iyengar unveils a practical, evidence-backed method for unlocking the potential for big ideas within every individual. Forget brainstorming sessions and flashes of inspiration— "Think Bigger" introduces a structured approach, honed over a decade of research by Iyengar and her team, which empowers readers to: * **Demystify the Creative Process:** Understand the neurological underpinnings of idea generation and dispel common misconceptions about creativity. * **Overcome Cognitive Barriers:** Identify and navigate the mental roadblocks that stifle innovation, such as cognitive biases and fear of failure. * **Harness the Power of Choice Architecture:** Learn how structuring choices can dramatically impact the quantity and quality of ideas generated. * **Implement a Proven Framework:** Master a step-by-step process for generating, evaluating, and refining groundbreaking solutions to any problem. "Think Bigger" goes beyond theoretical frameworks, offering practical exercises and real-world examples to illustrate the power of this revolutionary method. Iyengar demonstrates how this approach can be applied across diverse fields, from business and technology to social impact and personal growth. This book is not just for CEOs, entrepreneurs, or aspiring inventors. It's for anyone seeking to unlock their creative potential and make a meaningful impact on the world. Whether you're facing a professional challenge, striving to improve your community, or simply yearning to live a more fulfilling life, "Think Bigger" provides the tools you need to transform aspiration into reality. ## FAQs **Q: Is this book only relevant for people in creative industries?** **A:** Absolutely not! While the principles in "Think Bigger" can be applied to artistic endeavors, the book's core message transcends specific industries. The methods and frameworks presented are relevant for anyone seeking to generate innovative solutions in any field, whether it's business, education, healthcare, or even personal life. **Q: I'm not naturally creative. Can this book really help me?** **A:** Yes! Iyengar debunks the myth of the "innately creative" individual, demonstrating that creativity is a skill, not a talent. "Think Bigger" provides a structured approach to developing this skill, regardless of your background or perceived creative limitations. **Q: Is this book just a collection of theoretical concepts?** **A:** While "Think Bigger" is grounded in scientific research, it goes beyond theory to offer practical tools and actionable steps. Iyengar incorporates real-world examples, case studies, and exercises to help readers readily apply the presented framework to their own lives. **Q: How is "Think Bigger" different from other books on creativity?** **A:** Unlike books that rely on anecdotal evidence or abstract concepts, "Think Bigger" stands out for its strong foundation in scientific research. Iyengar draws upon years of rigorous study to present a method that has been tested and proven effective.

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