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Supernatural Sales Person by Dan Maclean Cover
Supernatural Sales Person by Dan Maclean
Published at:
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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## Supernatural Sales Person: The God Factor in Sales **Tired of self-improvement plans that promise the moon and deliver dust?** **"Supernatural Sales Person" by Dan Maclean** throws out the tired tropes of human potential and limitation. This isn't your typical sales book obsessed with willpower and hustle. It's a radical call to tap into a power source far greater than ourselves: **God.** Maclean argues that our obsession with self-improvement often traps us within the confines of our own limited thinking. We strive to be our "best," but what if our best is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we could achieve with divine intervention? This book dives deep into the concept of "The God Factor" in sales, exploring how aligning ourselves with God's plan can unlock unprecedented levels of passion, purpose, and productivity. Forget about merely improving your sales numbers – "Supernatural Sales Person" challenges you to completely redefine what's possible by inviting God into your professional life. **Discover:** * How to break free from the limitations of self-imposed ceilings * The power of aligning your sales career with your divine purpose * Practical strategies for inviting God's "super" into your natural talents * Testimonies and real-life examples of supernatural sales success This book is for anyone in sales feeling burned out, stuck, or simply yearning for something more. If you're ready to unleash the limitless potential within you, "Supernatural Sales Person" will guide you on a transformative journey of faith-fueled success. ## FAQs **Q: I'm not a particularly religious person. Is this book still relevant to me?** **A:** While the book is rooted in faith, its core message about transcending limitations and tapping into a higher power can resonate with anyone, regardless of their religious background. The principles discussed can be applied to any belief system that emphasizes connecting with a source of wisdom and strength beyond ourselves. **Q: Is this book just about sales, or can the principles be applied to other areas of life?** **A:** Although framed within the context of sales, the concepts of purpose, passion, and divine alignment explored in "Supernatural Sales Person" are universally applicable. The book offers valuable insights for anyone seeking to live a more fulfilling and impactful life, regardless of their profession. **Q: Does this book promote a specific denomination or religious doctrine?** **A:** "Supernatural Sales Person" focuses on the universal power of faith and aligning oneself with a higher purpose. While the author draws from his own Christian beliefs, the book doesn't promote a specific denomination or theological doctrine. It encourages readers to connect with their own understanding of a higher power and apply the principles within their personal faith journey.

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