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Save Me by Mona Kasten Cover
Save Me by Mona Kasten
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## Save Me: A Maxton Hall Novel **Two worlds collide. One secret binds them.** Ruby Bell never wanted to be a part of the elite world of Maxton Hall College. Scholarship student in a sea of privilege, she keeps her head down, focusing on her studies and avoiding the wealthy elite at all costs. Especially James Beaufort. Arrogant, impossibly attractive, and the undisputed king of Maxton Hall, James represents everything Ruby wants to avoid. But fate, it seems, has other plans. When Ruby stumbles upon a secret that could destroy the Beaufort family's reputation, she finds herself thrust into James's orbit. Bound by this knowledge, they are forced into an uneasy alliance. As Ruby navigates the treacherous social landscape of Maxton Hall and the undeniable pull she feels towards James, lines blur. The world Ruby meticulously built for herself begins to crumble, and she is forced to question everything she thought she knew about herself, about James, and about the intoxicating power of secrets. **Save Me** is a story of love and betrayal, of ambition and sacrifice. It's a journey of self-discovery set against the backdrop of a world where appearances are everything and the truth comes at a price. With its captivating characters, sizzling chemistry, and heart-stopping twists, **Save Me**, the first book in the Maxton Hall trilogy by Mona Kasten, is a must-read for fans of addictive young adult romance. ## FAQs about Save Me: **Q: Is Save Me a standalone novel?** **A:** No, **Save Me** is the first book in the Maxton Hall trilogy. It is followed by **Trust Me** and **Find Me**. **Q: What is Maxton Hall like?** **A:** Maxton Hall is a prestigious boarding school in England, catering to the children of the wealthy and influential. Think Gossip Girl meets the hallowed halls of British academia. **Q: What kind of romance can I expect?** **A:** **Save Me** features a passionate enemies-to-lovers romance with plenty of tension and chemistry. Ruby and James come from different worlds, and their initial interactions are charged with animosity. However, as they are forced to work together, their feelings evolve into something deeper and more complex. **Q: Is this book appropriate for younger readers?** **A:** While **Save Me** is classified as Young Adult fiction, it does contain mature themes and situations that might not be suitable for all readers. **Q: I heard there's an Amazon Prime series based on this book!** **A:** That's right! **Save Me** is the basis for the Amazon Prime series **"Maxton Hall"**. While the series draws inspiration from the book, it does take some creative liberties with the storyline and characters.

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