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Learning how to Learn by Barbara A. Oakley Cover
Learning how to Learn by Barbara A. Oakley
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Learning strategies

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## Learning How to Learn: How to Succeed in School Without Spending All Your Time Studying **An Extended Synopsis** "Learning How to Learn," by Barbara Oakley, Terrence Sejnowski, and Alistair McConville, is an accessible and engaging guide for students of all ages who want to unlock their learning potential. Inspired by the wildly popular online course of the same name, this book distills cutting-edge neuroscience and cognitive psychology into practical strategies for improving study habits and mastering any subject. The book opens by demystifying how the brain learns. It introduces readers to the two modes of thinking – focused and diffuse – and explains why switching between them is crucial for understanding and retaining information. We learn about the importance of "chunking" information for better recall, and how to avoid common pitfalls like procrastination and "illusions of competence." Instead of promoting rote memorization, "Learning How to Learn" emphasizes active learning techniques. The authors guide readers on how to: * **Embrace "desirable difficulties"**: Challenging yourself, even if it leads to initial struggles, can lead to deeper learning. * **Use recall and spaced repetition**: Regularly retrieving information from memory strengthens neural connections. * **Harness the power of sleep**: Sleep plays a critical role in consolidating memories and improving understanding. * **Combat procrastination**: By understanding the psychology behind procrastination, we can develop strategies to overcome it. Throughout the book, colorful illustrations, relatable anecdotes, and practical exercises make learning engaging and fun. The authors emphasize that anyone, regardless of their background or perceived intelligence, can learn how to learn more effectively. **FAQs** **Q: Is this book just for students?** **A:** While geared towards students, the principles and techniques outlined in "Learning How to Learn" are applicable to anyone who wants to improve their learning abilities, regardless of age or profession. **Q: I'm a visual learner. Will this book work for me?** **A:** The book incorporates a variety of learning styles, including visual aids, real-life examples, and practical exercises. The authors emphasize that understanding your individual learning style can further enhance the effectiveness of the strategies presented. **Q: Is this book just a repeat of the online course?** **A:** While inspired by the online course, the book delves deeper into the science behind learning and offers expanded content, including new research and insights. **Q: Will this book magically make me a straight-A student?** **A:** "Learning How to Learn" provides a roadmap for improving study habits and unlocking your learning potential. However, it's not a magic bullet. Success requires effort, dedication, and consistent application of the techniques presented. **Q: Can I use this book to help my children with their learning?** **A:** Absolutely! The book's clear explanations and practical tips can be easily shared with children and adapted to different age groups.

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