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Hello Ruby by Linda Liukas Cover
Hello Ruby by Linda Liukas
Published at:
Juvenile Nonfiction
Bananenblau - Der Praxisverlag für Pädagogen

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## Hello Ruby: When Robots Go to School - An Extended Synopsis "Hello Ruby: When Robots Go to School" by Linda Liukas is a charming and educational adventure that explores the fascinating world of artificial intelligence through the eyes of a young girl named Julia and her adorable robot companion, Ruby. Julia loves playing with Ruby, her intelligent robot toy. But she starts to wonder if Ruby could learn even more. Could a robot go to school just like her? This simple question sparks an exciting journey of discovery for Julia and Ruby as they venture into the world of learning, both human and artificial. Together, Julia and Ruby embark on a quest to understand how humans and computers learn. They visit Julia's classroom, observe the students, and even participate in lessons. Through their adventures, they uncover the similarities and differences between human and machine learning. Liukas cleverly weaves educational concepts into the narrative, introducing young readers to the basics of machine learning in an engaging and accessible way. The book explains complex topics like algorithms and data in a way that is easy for children to grasp, sparking their curiosity about technology. "Hello Ruby: When Robots Go to School" culminates in a delightful surprise as Ruby, armed with newfound knowledge, astounds both the children and the teacher with its capabilities. This heartwarming and imaginative tale encourages children to embrace curiosity, explore the possibilities of technology, and understand the power and limitations of artificial intelligence. Filled with colorful illustrations and engaging activities, "Hello Ruby: When Robots Go to School" is a delightful and educational read for young learners. ## FAQs **Q: What age group is this book appropriate for?** A: "Hello Ruby: When Robots Go to School" is best suited for children ages 4-8 years old. **Q: Does this book require prior knowledge of coding or robotics?** A: Not at all! The book introduces basic concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand manner, making it perfect for beginners. **Q: Is "Hello Ruby: When Robots Go to School" part of a series?** A: Yes, this book is part of the acclaimed "Hello Ruby" series by Linda Liukas, which uses storytelling and playful activities to introduce children to the world of computer science. **Q: What can my child learn from this book?** A: This book introduces children to fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning, encourages computational thinking, and promotes curiosity about technology. **Q: What makes "Hello Ruby: When Robots Go to School" unique?** A: The book combines a heartwarming story with engaging illustrations and simple explanations, making learning about technology fun and accessible for young children. It encourages a playful approach to understanding complex topics and fosters a positive attitude towards STEM.

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