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Die Königin by Sebastian Conrad Cover
Die Königin by Sebastian Conrad
Published at:
Ullstein Buchverlage

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## Die Königin: A Global Journey Through Time and Beauty Sebastian Conrad's "Die Königin" delves into the captivating narrative of Queen Nefertiti, whose enigmatic bust has transcended millennia to become a global icon. More than just a biography, this book embarks on a worldwide exploration of Nefertiti's enduring influence, tracing her journey from ancient Egypt to her modern-day interpretations. The story begins in Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, where the world first laid eyes on Nefertiti's exquisite bust in 1912. Conrad vividly recounts the sensation her discovery sparked, catapulting her to fame during her 1924 Berlin debut. He masterfully unravels the circumstances surrounding the bust's controversial arrival in Germany during the colonial era, igniting a debate about cultural ownership that continues to this day. "Die Königin" goes beyond the confines of museums and archeological digs. Conrad traces Nefertiti's global reach, following her symbolic presence across continents and cultures. From her perception as the epitome of feminine beauty to her appropriation by artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna, the book illuminates how different societies have interpreted and reimagined her image. Traveling from Berlin to Cairo, with stops in China, India, and Brazil, Conrad paints a captivating picture of Nefertiti's multifaceted legacy. He delves into the reasons behind her global appeal, examining how her image has been appropriated and reinterpreted throughout history to reflect evolving ideals of beauty, power, and femininity. **"Die Königin" is a captivating blend of history, cultural analysis, and a touch of mystery, inviting readers to consider:** * **How did an ancient Egyptian queen become a global icon?** * **What is it about Nefertiti's image that continues to fascinate us after thousands of years?** * **How has the debate over the ownership of cultural artifacts shaped our understanding of the past?** ## FAQs **Q: Is this book only about Nefertiti's life in ancient Egypt?** A: While the book delves into Nefertiti's historical context, it primarily focuses on the global journey of her image and legacy after the discovery of her bust. It examines how her representation has evolved over time and across cultures. **Q: Is "Die Königin" suitable for readers unfamiliar with Egyptian history?** A: Absolutely. Conrad masterfully interweaves historical information with engaging storytelling, making it accessible and captivating even for those with limited prior knowledge of ancient Egypt. **Q: What makes this book stand out from other books about Nefertiti?** A: "Die Königin" distinguishes itself by going beyond a traditional biographical approach. It delves into the global impact of Nefertiti's image, analyzing her cultural significance in different parts of the world and across different time periods. **Q: Does the book address the controversy surrounding the ownership of Nefertiti's bust?** A: Yes, Conrad dedicates a portion of the book to discussing the controversial circumstances surrounding the bust's arrival in Germany during the colonial period and the ongoing debate regarding its rightful ownership.

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