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Die Hand Gottes by Philip Kerr Cover
Die Hand Gottes by Philip Kerr
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## Die Hand Gottes: An Extended Synopsis **A gripping thriller set against the backdrop of the 1982 FIFA World Cup, "Die Hand Gottes" by master storyteller Philip Kerr plunges readers into a world of espionage, intrigue, and the beautiful game.** West Berlin, 1982. The Cold War simmers, and the FIFA World Cup in Spain becomes a high-stakes arena where more than just goals are being pursued. Bernie Gunther, cynical ex-cop turned private investigator, finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of his own when he's hired by a mysterious Englishman to locate a missing football referee. Gunther's investigation quickly spirals into a web of conspiracy that stretches far beyond a missing official. He encounters a cast of characters with their own agendas – Stasi agents, Argentine intelligence officers, former Nazi collaborators, and even a charismatic football legend, all circling the world's most beloved sport. As the tournament unfolds, Gunther uncovers a sinister plot with the power to destabilize the fragile peace in Europe. Navigating the political tensions, double-crosses, and moral ambiguities of the time, Gunther must use his wits and cynicism to survive. But the truth, he soon discovers, is more elusive and dangerous than he could have imagined. With his own life on the line, he must choose his allegiances carefully and outmaneuver his enemies before it's too late. **"Die Hand Gottes" is a thrilling page-turner that combines historical detail, complex characters, and pulse-pounding suspense. Kerr masterfully blends fact and fiction, offering a glimpse into the dark underbelly of a pivotal moment in history.** ## FAQs **Q: Is "Die Hand Gottes" part of a series?** A: Yes, "Die Hand Gottes" features Bernie Gunther, the cynical and sharp-witted protagonist of Philip Kerr's acclaimed historical thriller series. While it can be enjoyed as a standalone novel, reading previous books in the series will provide deeper context for Gunther's character and past experiences. **Q: What is the significance of the title?** A: The title "Die Hand Gottes" (The Hand of God) is a direct reference to the infamous goal scored by Diego Maradona during the 1986 World Cup quarter-final match between Argentina and England. While the book takes place in 1982, the title likely foreshadows a connection to Argentina and Maradona, hinting at themes of cheating, ambition, and the blurred lines between victory and defeat. **Q: How historically accurate is the book?** A: Philip Kerr is known for his meticulously researched historical thrillers. While "Die Hand Gottes" is a work of fiction, it incorporates real historical events, figures, and political tensions of the early 1980s, particularly the Cold War and the lead-up to the 1982 FIFA World Cup. **Q: Is the book suitable for readers who are not familiar with football?** A: Absolutely! While football serves as a backdrop and driving force in the narrative, the book's focus lies on espionage, mystery, and Bernie Gunther's investigation. You don't need to be a football enthusiast to enjoy the captivating plot and historical setting. **Q: Is "Die Hand Gottes" available in English?** A: As of right now, "Die Hand Gottes" appears to be available only in German. It is possible that an English translation will be released in the future.

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