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Begin Again by Mona Kasten Cover
Begin Again by Mona Kasten
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## Begin Again: A Synopsis Allie Harper is running. Running from her past, her family, and the ghosts that haunt her. A fresh start in Woodshill, Oregon, and the promise of college life are all that keep her going. But finding an apartment becomes a desperate scramble, threatening to derail her new beginning before it even starts. Just when living out of her car seems inevitable, she stumbles upon the perfect place. There's only one catch - the other roommate is none other than Kaden White, campus bad boy extraordinaire. Kaden, with his tattoos, careless charm, and arrogant demeanor, is everything Allie wants to avoid. Yet, with no other options, she bites the bullet and moves in. Kaden, determined to maintain his space and avoid any unnecessary entanglements, lays down the law: no talking about girl problems, silence about his own personal life, and absolutely no hooking up. Allie, believing she has zero interest in the infuriating yet undeniably attractive Kaden, finds the rules easy to accept. However, as days turn into weeks, the walls they've built begin to crumble. Beneath Kaden’s gruff exterior, Allie discovers hidden depths and a well of painful secrets. Similarly, Kaden finds himself drawn to Allie's strength and resilience, recognizing a kindred spirit battling their own demons. The carefully constructed rules designed to keep them apart become harder to follow as the undeniable spark between them ignites. As they navigate the challenges of starting over, both Allie and Kaden learn that sometimes, freedom and love are found in the most unexpected places. "Begin Again" is a captivating story about overcoming past hurts, opening your heart to the possibility of second chances, and discovering that love can blossom even amidst the chaos of life's unexpected turns. ## FAQs about "Begin Again" **Q: Is this book part of a series?** A: Yes, "Begin Again" is the first book in the "Begin Again" duet. The second book, "Trust Again," continues Allie and Kaden's story. **Q: Is this a standalone novel, or is it necessary to read the other books in the series?** A: While "Begin Again" does end with a satisfying conclusion to Allie and Kaden's initial journey, their story continues and deepens in "Trust Again." To fully experience their relationship arc, reading both books is recommended. **Q: What are the primary themes explored in the book?** A: "Begin Again" delves into themes of starting over, overcoming past traumas, finding your voice, and the transformative power of love and forgiveness. **Q: Is there a lot of steamy romance in "Begin Again"?** A: The romance between Allie and Kaden is a slow burn, building gradually throughout the story. While there are intimate moments, the focus is on their emotional connection and the journey they take together. **Q: Would you recommend this book to fans of New Adult romance?** A: Absolutely! With its relatable characters, engaging plot, and exploration of relevant themes, "Begin Again" is a perfect read for fans of New Adult romance, especially those who enjoy stories about second chances and finding love in unexpected places.

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