Remote Works - Summary and Key Ideas

Remote Works is a comprehensive guide aimed at teaching teams and managers how to effectively navigate and thrive in distributed work environments. The book combines firsthand experiences, interactive practices, and expert interviews.

This book is targeted at mid-level managers, HR professionals, and team leaders looking to optimize their remote work strategies and improve team productivity and satisfaction.

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Remote Works

Key ideas


Remote work demands purposeful leadership, redefined roles, and intentional autonomy.


Remote work revolutionizes flexibility, global hiring, and outcome-focused productivity.

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Remote management requires self-awareness, adaptability, and empathy.

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Effective remote work thrives on trust, clarity, and employee empowerment.

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Remote team management requires intentionality through forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning stages.

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Documentation and organization enhance remote work efficiency and team transparency.

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Remote productivity hinges on managing energy, focus, and priorities, not just time.

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The Remote Blueprint framework enhances remote team clarity, accountability, and focus.

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Remote work thrives on thoughtful asynchronous communication and judicious use of meetings.

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Mastering remote management entails a significant mindset shift and strategic tool utilization.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus by Ali Greene and Tamara Sanderson provides a comprehensive guide to managing remote teams effectively. The authors leverage their extensive experience in remote and hybrid work environments to offer practical advice, exercises, and tools designed to help managers and teams thrive. They emphasize the importance of remote fluency, adaptability, and intentionality in creating successful, flexible, and focused work environments. The book encourages managers to challenge traditional assumptions, build strong relationships, and design workflows that maximize productivity and well-being.

Ali Greene, Tamara Sanderson

Ali Greene is the cofounder of Remote Works and served as the former director of People Operations at DuckDuckGo. Tamara Sanderson is the cofounder of Remote Works and was the director of strategic partnerships and corporate development at Automattic.


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