Problem Hunting - Summary and Key Ideas

This book serves as a practical guide for entrepreneurs aiming to start a tech company. Covering everything from problem identification to scaling the business, it provides tactical steps based on the author's extensive experience in the software industry.

Aspiring tech entrepreneurs, startup founders, business students, and anyone interested in the practicalities of launching a tech company will find this book invaluable.

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Problem Hunting

Key ideas


The book offers a tactical playbook for tech entrepreneurs to succeed.


Start a business by identifying critical customer problems in growing markets.

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Testing solutions before building prevents wasted time, money, and demotivation.

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Prioritize an MVP, engage customers early, and verify unit economics.

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Effective company culture, clear mission, open communication, and relationship-building drive startup success.

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Early hires shape startup culture, decisions, and recruit future talent effectively.

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Focus on solving customer problems to drive innovative, effective marketing.

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Early-hired salespeople gather pivotal customer feedback, shaping product-market fit.

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Build trust, connect, and persistently follow up to close sales.

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Early customers' loyalty and experience drive startup growth and reputation.

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Effective fundraising is crucial for startup growth, requiring strategic investor engagement.

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Early legal investment safeguards business growth and alleviates future risks.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: Problem Hunting The Tech Startup Textbook by Brian Long serves as a comprehensive, tactical guide for aspiring tech entrepreneurs. Written from Long's extensive experience, the book covers all stages of starting and scaling a tech business, from identifying customer problems to achieving product market fit, building a team, and securing funding. The aim is to equip entrepreneurs with practical steps to turn their startup ideas into successful ventures.

Brian Long

Brian Long is an experienced entrepreneur who successfully founded two software companies, TapCommerce and Attentive. He is passionate about startups and serves as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs.


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