Oh Sh*t... What Now? - Summary and Key Ideas

Oh Sh*t... What Now? is a candid and humorous guide aimed at new graphic designers. Craig Oldham shares his personal experiences and opinions on navigating the creative industry, offering advice on presenting portfolios, bridging the gap between education and industry, and landing your first job.

This book is ideal for students, young practitioners, and anyone looking to enter or make moves within the creative industry. It provides practical guidance wrapped in a relatable and entertaining narrative that appeals to those seeking honest and unfiltered advice.

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Oh Sh*t... What Now?

Key ideas


The book offers honest, practical advice for creatives entering the industry.


Passionate dedication to creative work brings profound joy and sacrifice.

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Lifelong education fuels confidence, creativity, and continuous personal growth.

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A portfolio requires meticulous care, continuous updates, and tailored, sincere presentation.

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Graphic design internships offer essential experience, skill-building, and career insight.

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Continuously learn, collaborate, and stay true to your creative beliefs.

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Graphic design melds creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking to communicate visually.

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Self-awareness and values guide designers to use design for good.

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Perseverance, effort, and support enable the pursuit of happiness and success.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: Oh Shit... What Now? by Craig Oldham is a candid guide aimed primarily at new graphic designers but it offers insights that can be appreciated by anyone entering a creative industry. The book is a collection of Oldham's experiences, filled with practical advice, personal anecdotes, and a healthy dose of humor. It's not a strict rule book but a series of opinions and suggestions designed to aid readers in navigating the often intimidating transition from education to industry. The approach is honest and raw, touching on subjects beyond mere technical skills including ethics, politics, and personal growth. The main takeaway is that there's no definitive path to success; it's about learning, experimenting, and finding your own way.

Craig Oldham

Craig Oldham is a designer, educator, writer, publisher, and campaigner. He is involved in various creative industries and has won over 50 international awards for his work. Craig also serves on committees, awards juries, and educational panels.


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