Difficult Employees - Summary and Key Ideas

In 'Difficult Employees', successful author Hans Jürgen Kratz offers practical recommendations and tips for managers on how to deal with difficult employees, especially know-it-alls. The book is aimed at managers who want to tame difficult employees for the benefit of everyone involved.

This book is aimed at leaders and managers who are looking for effective strategies to deal with challenging employees, especially those with know-it-all behavior. It is ideal for people who want to develop their leadership skills and improve employee satisfaction and performance.

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Difficult Employees

Key ideas


Focus on growth, not firing, to turn underperformers into productive employees.


Effective leaders manage diverse employee behaviors, balancing performance with satisfaction.

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Effective leadership balances assertiveness with empathy and perseverance to achieve goals.

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Managing difficult employees is crucial for effective leadership and team productivity.

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Alcohol addiction in the workplace impairs productivity, safety, and necessitates managerial intervention.

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Effective conflict resolution combines calm assertiveness with maintaining focus on issues.

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Managers must balance assigning tasks with respecting employee rights and open communication.

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Employee time theft involves misuse of work hours, breaching employer trust.

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Procrastination sabotages productivity, damages reputations, and strains work relationships.

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Outsiders prefer isolation, potentially thriving as individualist remote workers.

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Insults signify weakness; respond calmly with humor, staying objective.

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Know-it-alls undermine their influence and are often shunned professionally.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: Hans Jürgen Kratz's book "Difficult Employees" provides practical strategies for dealing with difficult employees, particularly know-it-alls, in a professional setting. Through a blend of anecdotal knowledge and structured advice, Kratz emphasizes the importance of empathy, effective communication, and maintaining a positive and constructive work environment.

Hans Jürgen Kratz

Hans Jürgen Kratz is a successful specialist book author and a graduate in public administration based in Cuxhaven, Germany. He focuses on employee leadership, self-management, and communication.


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