Angels and Demons - Summary and Key Ideas

Angels and Demons is an enthralling thriller that follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon as he uncovers a conspiracy involving the Illuminati and a threat to the Vatican.

This novel is perfect for fans of fast-paced thrillers, historical mysteries, and those intrigued by secret societies and religious symbolism.

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Angels and Demons

Key ideas


Robert Langdon investigates a murder linked to the resurfaced Illuminati at CERN.


Leonardo Vetra aimed to prove that science and religion are compatible.

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Langdon aids CERN in recovering stolen, dangerous antimatter from Illuminati.

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Langdon and Vetra race to prevent Illuminati's antimatter attack on Vatican.

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An Illuminati plot threatens the Vatican with an antimatter bomb and abducted cardinals.

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Langdon and Vetra race to stop Illuminati's antimatter plot at Vatican.

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Langdon and Vetra race against time following clues to stop murders.

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Amidst Vatican chaos, Langdon deciphers clues to thwart Illuminati's deadly plan.

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Langdon and allies battle time and danger to thwart Vatican infiltrators.

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Langdon races to save Vittoria and Vatican from a deadly assassin.

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Langdon and Vetra race to prevent Illuminati's antimatter attack on Vatican.

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Langdon and Vetra thwart Illuminati's antimatter plot to save Vatican.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown follows the story of Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist, as he is called to help solve a murder mystery and thwart a terrorist act against the Vatican orchestrated by the secretive Illuminati organization. The narrative is a blend of art, science, and history, encompassing complex themes of faith, truth, and conspiracies. Through a relentless chase across Rome, Langdon discovers clues embedded in historical sites and artworks, eventually uncovering a sinister plot that challenges his beliefs and highlights the enduring conflict between science and religion.

Dan Brown

Dan Brown is the bestselling author of numerous novels and a graduate of Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academy. He has taught English and creative writing.


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